10 Largest Rice Producing States In India

India is a leading exporter of rice in the world. The nation produces Basmati as well as other types of rice. This rice produce is then sent to different nations by leading exporters of food grains from India, like Fazlani Exports. The top 10 Indian states that grow rice are;

10) Karnataka

At the 10th position, Karnataka produces around 39.55 lakh tons of rice. Rice crop is grown in more than 14 lakh hectares of the area cultivated in the state. It has a yield of more than 2,700 kg/hectare and accounts for more than 3% share in India.

9) Assam

Assam ranks on the 9th position with 45.16 lakh tons of rice. The rice yield in Assam is more than 1700 kilograms per hectare.

8) Odisha

Odisha ranks at 8th position in the production of rice with the contribution of 5% of total rice. In this state, rice is cultivated in almost 65% of the cropping area.

7) Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh ranks on the 7th position with a rice production of 60.28 lakh tons. It contributes at least 5% of overall rice production of our country.

6) Bihar

The state of Bihar ranks on the 6th position with the total production of 71.62 lakh tons. It grows rice in its 33 lakh hectares of cultivated land.

5) Tamil Nadu

Ranking on the 5th position, Tamil Nadu produces 74.58 lakh ton of rice. It records the highest yield of about 3,900 kilograms per hectare.

4) Punjab

Punjab ranks on the 4th position with a total production of 105.42 lakh tons. Basmati Rice is grown here.  It accounts for 10% of total rice production in the country.

3) Andhra Pradesh

Ranking on the 3rd position, Andhra Pradesh produces 128.95 lakh tons of rice in India. It is a leading rice producer with a production of 12% of total rice produced in the country.

2) Uttar Pradesh

With 140.22 lakh tons of rice production, Uttar Pradesh ranks on the 2nd position in the country.

1) West Bengal

West Bengal ranks no. 1 with a total rice production of 146.05 lakh tons. It is the highest rice producing state in India with a yield of 2600 kilograms per hectare.

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5 Rice Producing States of India

Rice is grown in almost all parts of the country. But there are some countries that produce the highest percentage of rice around the world. India is among one of those countries that produce the highest quantity of rice. These states top in the production of rice according to the distribution. From these states, there are various Indian food grain manufacturers who export their produce to different countries. Fazlani Exports is one such exporter of food grains from India who trades its rice produce to countries like Americas, Europe, and South East Asia. Now let us have a look at the states which are the top producers of rice;

  1. West Bengal – It is the largest rice producer from India with a 20% share in the Indian rice market. The Ganga Plains of West Bengal comprises of three-fourth of its total crop. Rice production in this state has increased due to suitable climatic condition and soil.
  2. Punjab – Punjab was initially a wheat producing state, but with the help of technology, the farmers also started using their lands for growing rice. The use of fertilizers, HYV seeds, and tube wells has resulted in a wide change in the cropping pattern. This has resulted in making Punjab the second largest rice producing state.
  3. Uttar Pradesh – Recorded an unpredictable progress in the past four decades, Uttar Pradesh has become the third largest rice producing state in India. It produces around 11.16 percent of the national rice production.
  4. Andhra Pradesh – Andhra Pradesh acquires around 6.8% of the rice producing area of the country. From which, it produces around 10% of rice – making it the fourth largest rice producing state. This state has one fourth of the total cropped area under rice cultivation.
  5. Tamil Nadu – It has 35% of its total land into rice cultivation and gives a distinction yield of 33.5 quintals/hectare. All this has been made possible with the help of Green Revolution and artificial fertilizers which are available to the farmers now.

These states play a big role in determining the rice production of India. The Indian food grain manufacturers completely depend on the harvest and produce of the season. To know more about the exporters of food grains from India, visit www.fazlani.com

Types Of Rice Grains Available In The Market

Rice is considered as staple food in different parts of the world. It is also the most eaten grain in the South East Asia and other Asian countries. Across the globe, rice is available in various types. From which some differ in size, color, and even taste. According to these categories, Indian food grain suppliers export rice depending on the demand in specific regions. Below are a few types of rice widely available and also supplied by leading exporters of food grains from India;

  1. Basmati Rice – It is a long, flavorful grain. Basmati rice is the most commonly used rice when it comes to Indian food. After cooking, these rice grains separate and stay firm. It is a delicious variety of rice with a slight aroma and taste. Leading exporters of food grains from India like Fazlani Exports manufacture Basmati rice.
  2. Chinese Black Rice – Also known as forbidden rice, Chinese black rice is used rarely. Being highly nutritious, it is commonly used in the Asian kitchens to prepare exotic meals. It has an unrefined texture and is a little flat and wide grain. While cooking it must be first soaked and then steamed to get the best flavor.
  3. Jasmine Rice – Mostly used in Thai cooking, Jasmine rice has a light aroma and is stickier than long grain rice.
  4. Red Rice – This is a whole grain rice with a red outer layer. It has a slightly nutty flavor and is chewy when compared to other rice.
  5. Short and Medium Grain Rice -  These rice have more starch than long grain rice. After the rice is cooked, the grains tend to stick together.

These are some of the types of rice which are in demand in the market. To know more about the other grains in detail offered by Indian food grain suppliers, visit www.fazlani.com

Three Major Rice Producing Nations in the World

Rice is a staple food in various countries around the world. This popular grain is not only available in one type but also in different textures, sizes, and types to choose from. Due to its high demand in various countries, rice production and business is increasing day by day. And today, there are many countries which produce rice like India and others. Have a look at the major rice producing nations according to the 2009 statistics;

  1. China – China ranks first in the production of rice. More than 90% of its irrigated land is under cultivation. According to the 2008 FAO, China produces around 193 million metric tonnes of this staple grain which comes up to 35% of the world’s total rice production.
  2. India – It is the primary centre of rice production and cultivation. Rice cultivation in India covers around 44 million hectares – the largest in the world. It also has the highest percentage of population that eats rice on a regular basis. Hence, the leading exporters of food grains from India also produce rice for the domestic as well as international market. The Indian food grain suppliers lead the market of rice production.
  3. Indonesia – In the year 2010, Indonesia’s rice consumption was 139 kgs per capita per year, which makes it the highest in the world. Considering its share in consumption of rice, IRRI estimates that Indonesia will need to produce more rice in the coming years to fill the gap between consumption and production.

India is a country with a massive production and consumption of rice rate. The leading exporters of food grains from India supply rice to different nations of the world. This increase has also profited Indian food grain suppliers. To know more about the best rice exporters of India, visit www.fazlani.com