3 Common Spices Used In Indian Curries

Indian cooking is incomplete without spices, then may these be whole spices or ground. Without these spices, Indian food would lose its distinctive flavour. But when Indians settle down abroad, they do not easily get the spices. Considering their issue and the demand for Indian spices overseas, we decided to export the spices and we are glad to inform our readers that today we are among one of the leading spices manufacturers in India. Apart from manufacturing spices, we also export spices from India. Listed below are some of the key Indian spices along with their benefits that are found in every Indian kitchen and used in every Indian recipe.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds is one of the most used ingredients in Indian cooking. As we know, every ingredient used in Indian food has some scientifically proven benefits attached to it. Cumin Seeds are added to maximum recipes as the spice is good for digestion, prevents cancer, helps in weight loss and cures body heat.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds are most of the times used for tempering in Indian curries. But that is not all. This Indian spice is also consumed raw and in other forms due to its health benefits. Being high in soluble fibre, these seeds help in lowering blood sugar by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates and digestion. Other than being beneficial to the diabetics, the spice reduces the inflammation inside as well as outside the body. Fenugreek seeds also promote milk flow in breastfeeding mothers.

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves are frequently used in Indian curries as well as Pulaos. Not many people know that these leaves not just add a flavour to food but is also good for health. The leaves improve the health of hair follicles, gives relief from anxiety, helps in managing diabetes, etc.

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