Understanding the Cultivation of 3 Majorly Exported Indian Spices

India is home to many spices. In fact, India was once even known as the land of spices and many wars were fought for these authentic spices. From all the spices grown and manufactured in India, there are three spices which are exported by the spices suppliers of India. Let us have a look at its growth pattern and how the spices are cultivated;

Turmeric – Commonly known as ‘Haldi’ in India, Turmeric is used for cooking and in medicines due to its medicinal and healing properties. To grow turmeric, small pits are usually made by hands in which the seeds of turmeric are sown within gaps of 25 to 30 cm and then covered with either soil or cattle manure. The turmeric plant grows well in both tropical and subtropical regions but requires rich and friable soil for best yield. Its planting is done during May – June or in July – August. Turmeric is mostly cultivated with other crops like castor, finger millet, maize, and onions.

Bay Leaves – Its Indian name is ‘Tej Patta’ or ‘Tez Patta’ and dishes like Biryani, Stew, Meat, and Sauces are incomplete without it. Due to its mild aroma, it is widely used in cooking Indian cuisine. Bay leaves are produced majorly in the mountainous regions of India like the North East Indian Mountains, Himalayan Southern Slopes, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. The plant grows well in warm and moist environment where the soil’s pH level is 6.0 to 8.0. It is usually planted during summers in rich, organically fertilized soil.

Fenugreek – Popularly known as ‘Methi’ in Hindi, fenugreek is a spice added to many Indian delicacies. It is majorly cultivated in Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh. Fenugreek cultivation requires various varieties of soil with a rich organic matter and a pH level of 6.0 to 7.0. Its good yield requires clear sky, frost free climate at the time of its growing period. The seeds of fenugreek needs to be sown within a distance of 30 cm in rows for good quality production.

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