Bay Leaves - A Few ‘Must Know’ Facts

Most commonly termed as “Tejpatta” in Hindi, bay leaves are aromatic leaves from the bay laurel tree which is native to the Mediterranean region. It is used in cooking and preparing perfumes on a large scale. Fazlani Exports is one of the leading exporters of spices from India which offers the best quality of spices to its customers.

The bay leaves or Tejpatta have a long and an imperial history. The ancient Greeks and Romans used to make crowns out of pure bay leaves to crown war heroes, kings, and Olympians. Amazing, isn’t it?

Bay leaves release a wonderful aroma when added to any dish at the time of cooking. The best part of these leaves is that when dried, they can be stored for months and the aroma will still be the same. They are often used to flavour both veg and non – vegetarian dishes. It is considered as the most important spice in Mughlai dishes, especially in korma and biryani. Bay leaves or Tejpatta is one of those common Indian spices which are exported to different countries through leading exporter of spices from India.

Bay leaves have been used since the ancient times to cure issues related with kidney, stomach, and liver. Also, it was used to cure bee and wasp stings. It is said that placing a cloth soaked in water in which bay leaves have been boiled provides relief from cold, cough, chest infections, and bronchitis. These leaves are also used to cure digestion problems.

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