Ajwain - A Magical Spice Found In Every Indian Kitchen

Remember? When we used to have upset stomach our grandma used to hand us few seeds of Ajwain to either chew or gulp it up with lukewarm water. Immediately after having those seeds, our upset tummy used to function systematically. Ajwain or Carom seeds is an Indian herb originated in India. It’s a precious gift by our forefathers to us and is found in almost every Indian kitchen. It has a quite bitter taste, but also health wise, it’s much more beneficial to the digestive system. Indian spices manufacturers have made it much easier to buy these spices from the stores.

Carom or Ajwain seeds are also used as a medicine in Ayurveda; basically for stomach ache or disorders. Health experts say that these seeds are very helpful to cure kidney stones and also in treating pain caused by kidney disorders. Also, it is beneficial in curing respiratory disorder like asthma and bronchitis.

There is no doubt in this that these herbs make the Indian cuisine tasty. The Indian spices manufacturers provide their customers Ajwain seeds which are served almost daily into our plates. It is also called, Ugragandha in Sanskrit, as all the parts of this herb have a strong aroma. Not many people know that Ajwain seeds are also used to kill worms.

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