Senna Leaves - Health Benefits You Must Know

Senna leaves are used as laxatives. The seeds and the leaves are often used in herbal medicines, thanks to the health benefits they offer. Listed below are the health benefits of these leaves:

1. Treats constipation

Not many people know about this remedy but drinking senna leaf tea encourages bowel movements. The leaves also help to remove heat from the colon which eventually helps you to clean your system by getting rid of accumulated food.


2. Anti-inflammatory properties

Senna leaves are also said to be useful in relieving haemorrhoid symptoms and are also known as a natural anti-inflammatory substance.


3. Alleviates skin inflammation

Senna is used in Ayurveda to treat skin inflammation as it contains essential oils viz., resin and tannin. The paste made out of the leaves can also be used to treat ringworms, wounds, and burns. To treat the same, use the paste as a compress.


4. Strengthens hair and reduces hair loss

Senna leaves are also known for their quality to strengthen hair by making a pack of it along with citrus juice or essential oils. It also improves the condition of scalp and treats dandruff. The leaves also add lustre to hair.

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