10 Largest Rice Producing States In India

India is a leading exporter of rice in the world. The nation produces Basmati as well as other types of rice. This rice produce is then sent to different nations by leading exporters of food grains from India, like Fazlani Exports. The top 10 Indian states that grow rice are;

10) Karnataka

At the 10th position, Karnataka produces around 39.55 lakh tons of rice. Rice crop is grown in more than 14 lakh hectares of the area cultivated in the state. It has a yield of more than 2,700 kg/hectare and accounts for more than 3% share in India.

9) Assam

Assam ranks on the 9th position with 45.16 lakh tons of rice. The rice yield in Assam is more than 1700 kilograms per hectare.

8) Odisha

Odisha ranks at 8th position in the production of rice with the contribution of 5% of total rice. In this state, rice is cultivated in almost 65% of the cropping area.

7) Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh ranks on the 7th position with a rice production of 60.28 lakh tons. It contributes at least 5% of overall rice production of our country.

6) Bihar

The state of Bihar ranks on the 6th position with the total production of 71.62 lakh tons. It grows rice in its 33 lakh hectares of cultivated land.

5) Tamil Nadu

Ranking on the 5th position, Tamil Nadu produces 74.58 lakh ton of rice. It records the highest yield of about 3,900 kilograms per hectare.

4) Punjab

Punjab ranks on the 4th position with a total production of 105.42 lakh tons. Basmati Rice is grown here.  It accounts for 10% of total rice production in the country.

3) Andhra Pradesh

Ranking on the 3rd position, Andhra Pradesh produces 128.95 lakh tons of rice in India. It is a leading rice producer with a production of 12% of total rice produced in the country.

2) Uttar Pradesh

With 140.22 lakh tons of rice production, Uttar Pradesh ranks on the 2nd position in the country.

1) West Bengal

West Bengal ranks no. 1 with a total rice production of 146.05 lakh tons. It is the highest rice producing state in India with a yield of 2600 kilograms per hectare.

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