5 Rice Producing States of India

Rice is grown in almost all parts of the country. But there are some countries that produce the highest percentage of rice around the world. India is among one of those countries that produce the highest quantity of rice. These states top in the production of rice according to the distribution. From these states, there are various Indian food grain manufacturers who export their produce to different countries. Fazlani Exports is one such exporter of food grains from India who trades its rice produce to countries like Americas, Europe, and South East Asia. Now let us have a look at the states which are the top producers of rice;

  1. West Bengal – It is the largest rice producer from India with a 20% share in the Indian rice market. The Ganga Plains of West Bengal comprises of three-fourth of its total crop. Rice production in this state has increased due to suitable climatic condition and soil.
  2. Punjab – Punjab was initially a wheat producing state, but with the help of technology, the farmers also started using their lands for growing rice. The use of fertilizers, HYV seeds, and tube wells has resulted in a wide change in the cropping pattern. This has resulted in making Punjab the second largest rice producing state.
  3. Uttar Pradesh – Recorded an unpredictable progress in the past four decades, Uttar Pradesh has become the third largest rice producing state in India. It produces around 11.16 percent of the national rice production.
  4. Andhra Pradesh – Andhra Pradesh acquires around 6.8% of the rice producing area of the country. From which, it produces around 10% of rice – making it the fourth largest rice producing state. This state has one fourth of the total cropped area under rice cultivation.
  5. Tamil Nadu – It has 35% of its total land into rice cultivation and gives a distinction yield of 33.5 quintals/hectare. All this has been made possible with the help of Green Revolution and artificial fertilizers which are available to the farmers now.

These states play a big role in determining the rice production of India. The Indian food grain manufacturers completely depend on the harvest and produce of the season. To know more about the exporters of food grains from India, visit www.fazlani.com