Pulses – Why Are They Important?

Pulses are one of the most sustainable crops that can be grown. Though the demand for grain legumes is high, due to poor rainfall and other factors that are affecting the production of pulses in India, the country is left with no other choice than to import the pulses to meet the growing demand.

We are glad to tell you that Fazlani Exports is one of the largest importers of pulses in India. Why do we import pulses? Owing to their health benefits, we just cannot afford to miss grain legumes in our diet. Being high in nutritional value, pulses help in fighting malnutrition. They are also rich in:

  1. Micronutrients,
  2. Complex carbohydrates,
  3. B-vitamins, and
  4. Proteins

Legume grains are also rich in fibre and low in cholesterol which makes them an excellent diet for people trying to manage cholesterol. Even if you are on a diet and are trying to lose those extra kilos, then pulses diet is highly recommended to you. This food takes time to digest and keeps you full for a long time. It is also healthy so diet definitely won’t affect your health negatively.

Not just are pulses beneficial to health, they also contribute to the quality of soil by fixing the nitrogen in it.

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