Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds

The demand for sesame seeds manufacturers in India and sesame seeds manufacturers in India is tremendously increasing. Why is it so?

The seeds are also an integral part of Indian cuisine. People from different regions of the country use the seeds for varying purposes. While some use the seeds to make sweets like laddoos, others use it in rice or make chutneys to use it as a side dish. Why do Indians use these seeds in the majority of preparations? Is it for the taste? Taste is just one part of it.

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The main reason is the health benefits these seeds bring along. Let’s have a look at what are the health benefits of sesame seeds:

If you suffer from high blood pressure, sesame seeds are for you!

Diabetics often suffer from high blood pressure. The seeds being high in magnesium, a vital ingredient that helps in lowering the blood pressure helps the diabetics to lower blood pressure. The oil of the seeds is said to be good in preventing diabetes.

Ditch your cosmetics, bring home sesame seeds oil

The oil extracted from the sesame seeds is beneficial for skin. Use it for your food or for skin massage, the oil will bring a lasting glow on your face. It also pulls out toxins which eventually results in reducing the number of pimples. The oil also helps tighten the facial skin.

Reduces anxiety and alleviates anaemia

The sesame seeds contain magnesium and calcium, the stress-relieving minerals as well as thiamine and tryptophan, the calming vitamins which result in peaceful sleep and also assists mood. The seeds hence help in reducing anxiety. Black sesame seeds being rich in iron, they are recommended to people suffering from anaemia.

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