Top 5 Sesame Seeds Producing Countries

Sesame seed is a familiar ingredient in the Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Having a unique nutty flavor, it is also the main ingredient of the world famous Tahini dressing. Apart from its taste, sesame seeds are known for their high nutritional value. They are loaded with health-promoting components such as dietary fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, and magnesium. So where do these powerful seeds grow around the world? Below are the top 5 sesame seeds supplying countries around the word.

1.   India – India ranks first in the production of sesame seeds. With the help of its tropical climate, India is one of the best sesame seeds manufacturers which supply high-quality seeds. It produces hulled, natural, black, and roasted sesame seeds.

2.   China – After India, it’s China that produces a lot of sesame seeds. Being in the second place, China also produces black sesame seeds along with other South Eastern nations of Asia.

3.   Nigeria – Ranking third on the list, Nigeria is a major producer of sesame seeds across the globe. It has experienced a drastic change in the production of sesame seeds from sixth to third.

4.   Myanmar – Myanmar comes fourth on the list of top five sesame producers in the world. It was once the top sesame seeds producer, but due to the recent and subsequent drought, it suffered losses.

5.   Tanzania – Ranked at number five, Tanzania produced 0.42 tons per hectare in 2013. It maintains the fifth position as the sesame seeds manufacturer across the globe.

Apart from these five countries, many other countries contribute to the sesame seeds supplies. To know more about sesame seeds production, visit